P. V. V. Gopala Krishna Murthy


P. V. V. Gopala Krishna Murthy

Mr. P.V.V. Gopal Krishna Murthy is an expert in strategizing litigation, and he holds 25 years of experience as litigating lawyer in various judicial forums. He specializes in the procedural aspects of Civil and Criminal litigation. His knowledge in the field of law is immense. He has conducted many a successful trials in various courts and has secured favourable decrees/judgements for the clients.

He is also a noted human rights activist and is ex-member of the All India Core Committee of the Amnesty International India. He is the Chief Editor of the journal “Rajakeeya Kurukshethram” and authored several articles published in journals.


• M.A.
• B.L.,
• B.P.R
• LLM (Crimes and Torts)

Areas of Interest:

IPR, Constitutional Law, Civil and Criminal Law (Original Side & Appellate Side), Revenue, Arbitration, Family Laws.

Areas of Expertise:

Procedural aspect of Civil, Criminal Laws and Drafting of all sorts of Legal Documents along with the other fields of law.